Frequently Asked Questions

How do you collect your information?
Our information comes mostly from the websites of Yearly Meetings. Thus, if a Yearly or Monthly Meeting is not listed on, it is likely because they have not made their information public. Read more…

What is Quakerism?
It is a religious movement sprung from a group of radical Christians in the 17th Century which has grown and changed into a modern body containing several branches. Read more…

Why isn’t my Monthly Meeting listed on
Probably because we have not yet gotten around to it. We will be there soon! In some cases, there may be no listing for your Meeting because there is no online resource currently providing information on your group. Please feel free to contact us to provide basic information on your Meeting or worship group.

Why isn’t my Yearly Meeting listed on
At the present time, includes all of the Yearly Meetings in North America. Our ultimate goal of total coverage is still a ways off, however, and it is likely that your Yearly Meeting is still on our to-do list. In some cases, there simply isn’t any information available online about a Yearly Meeting or its local Meetings and we have skipped them until that changes (or they contact us).

My Meeting is listed, but the page is empty.
This is most likely because we could not find any information for your Meeting online. Contact us to have your Meeting’s basic information listed.

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