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My name is George Fox. I’ll be your guide in the quest to discover maps of the Religious Society of Friends.

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In Beta

Quakermaps.com is currently in the beta stages of testing. Not all Meetings are mapped, and some are even listed with outdated information. Be sure to contact the Meeting before you show up for their worship service using our information!

Quaker Practice

There are two corporate practices that are distinctive to Friends and which deserve special attention in any introduction to the Quaker movement: Waiting worship and Friends’ decision-making process.

Quaker WorshipFriends form of worship is based on our faith that if we open ourselves up to the Holy Spirit in our hearts, God will be present with us and guide us in our worship together. The heart of our worship together is expectant waiting on God, often referred to as “open worship,” “silent worship,” or “unprogrammed worship.” Friends sit together for approximately an hour (though it could be longer or shorter, depending on how we feel led by God). During this time, our worship is based in expectant silence. We wait on God, opening ourselves to the Spirit’s working in our hearts and praying that God give us a message as individuals, as well as for the group as a whole. Sometimes, no one speaks during the entire hour. Other times, there may be several messages that God gives us to speak or sing out loud. Whether or not there is vocal ministry, there is often a felt sense of Christ’s presence with us.

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